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Probiotics and prebiotics

Pure probiotics and prebiotics without ballast substances and additives.

Eidon Bio Organic Chaga Mushroom Extract 60 Capsules

Arm your body with a dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and support your immunity with the Chaga mushroom! Chaga is known as the King of Mushrooms in Siberia, where it has been used for ce..

34.99€ Ex Tax: 29.16€

Eidon Bio Organic Reishi Mushroom 60 Capsules

Kick-start detoxification and boost immunity and brain activity with this anti-inflammatory mushroom called Reishi! Reishi is known as the "Mushroom of Immortality" and has been used for over 2000 ..

34.99€ Ex Tax: 29.16€

Laveen BIO Probiotic Drops for Babies and Children 20 ml

Give your baby a restful sleep and a happy tummy with these probiotics without added preservatives, emulsifiers and additives! ✔️ with 2 different strains of bacteria ✔️ suitable from birth to 4 y..

18.95€ Ex Tax: 15.79€

Laveen BIO Vega Mama Pre+Probiotics 30 Probiotic Capsules

Treat yourself to high-quality probiotics and prebiotics in one without unnecessary additives before, during and after pregnancy! ✔️ 4 billion CFU from 5 different bacterial strains ✔️ suitable be..

20.95€ Ex Tax: 17.46€

Puhdistamo Lactic Acid Bacteria Boulardii Probiotics LactoSpore and Lynside 60 capsules

Buy these exceptionally effective probiotics popular and recommended by naturopaths thanks to a very good combination of two bacterial strains! High Dose Probiotics - Lactospore® and Lynside® pr..

23.95€ Ex Tax: 19.96€

Strong Immunity Bundle: Multivitamin + Probiotics Strong Immunity Bundle: Multivitamin + Probiotics

Strong Immunity Bundle: Multivitamin + Probiotics

The package contains a high-quality multivitamin and effective probiotics to increase immunity. Both products are of the highest quality and without ballast additives. Purely natural ingredients! L..

42.21€ 44.90€ Ex Tax: 35.17€

Nature's Answer Sambucus + Probiotic 60 Capsules

Absolutely No Preservatives Boost your immunity and digestion with Black Elderberry and fresh probiotics in these specially coated capsules from Natures Answer! Double Your Immune Support: Elder..

45.99€ Ex Tax: 38.33€

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