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Founded in 1996, Eidon Ionic Minerals is dedicated to quality and commitment towards educating the public about the true functions, requirements and benefits of minerals.

Eidon provides its clients with a revolutionary, highly absorbable line of liquid minerals.

Each mineral is scientifically formulated in our own lab and then carefully tested by private laboratories to ensure high quality and purity.

Eidon’s staff is proud to support its line by offering extensive customer interaction to achieve the dependable and reliable results you need. We continue to put our entire heart and soul into making our products the most effective and enjoyable on the market. We continuously improve based on customer needs, user feedback, and scientific research.

We hope that you enjoy the benefits of our exclusive line of minerals as much as we enjoy providing them!

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions, comments or concerns about our minerals.​​

Rick Wagner, C.N., M.S.
President & Founder Eidon Ionic Minerals

Eidon Iodine Liquid Ionic 60 ml

Liquid | 60 ml | Eidon Support the proper functioning of your nervous system and thyroid gland with this high-absorption Ionic Iodine from Eidon Ionic Minerals! Iodine's primary role is to suppo..

30.00€ Ex Tax: 25.00€

Eidon Sulfur MSM Ionic Liquid Drops 60 ml

Liquid | 60 ml | Eidon | Child Safe | With Liquid Ionic Sulfur from Eidon Ionic Minerals, you support your body's natural ability to produce its own collagen. Get this mineral of beauty and support..

23.10€ Ex Tax: 19.25€

Eidon Liquid Ionic Zinc Sulfate 60 ml

60 ml | Liquid | Eidon | Safe for Kids | Eidon's Ionic Liquid Zinc is essential for the maintenance of immune system strength. It can be rapidly depleted when the body is fighting an illness. Zinc ..

23.10€ Ex Tax: 19.25€

Eidon Magnesium Ionic Liquid Drops 60 ml

Liquid | 60 ml | Eidon | Child Safe | Support your nervous and cardiovascular system with Liquid Ionic Magnesium from Eidon Ionic Minerals! Magnesium plays an essential role in over 300 enzyme r..

23.10€ Ex Tax: 19.25€

Eidon Silica Ionic Liquid Drops 60 ml

Liquid | 60 ml | Eidon | Child Safe | Support your body's natural ability to make its own collagen with Liquid Ionic Silica from Eidon Ionic Minerals! Of all the minerals important for good heal..

23.10€ Ex Tax: 19.25€

Joint Support

This product is currently sold out, but can be replaced by the following two products: Liquid Ionic Silica Liquid Ionic Sulfur (MSM)   Mineral Blend | Liqid | 60 ml | Eidon | Child Safe | ..

23.10€ Ex Tax: 19.25€

Multiple Mineral

Mineral Blend | Liquid | 60 ml | Eidon | Child Safe | Eidon's Multiple Minerals are a complement of all essential and trace minerals necessary for good health in a silica base. In any Multiple M..

23.10€ Ex Tax: 19.25€

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