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Sonett is one of the pioneers of ecological laundry and cleaning products. Thanks to the excellent quality, Sonett products are available in almost all European countries.

"In order to regenerate the water used for washing and cleaning, we add minerals and plant extracts to our products, which have been rhythmized in an oloid mixer. Likewise, the water we use is stirred and dynamized in a device composed of 12 large glass eggs.

All our raw materials are completely degradable and do not contain synthetic components, dyes and preservatives, they do not contain enzymes, petrochemical substances, bleaching components and neither genetic engineering nor nanotechnology was used in their production. The oils used to make our soaps and all our essential oils are 100% organic."



Sonett – has been a pioneer in the production of organic laundry and cleaning products since 1977.

Sonett products are available in almost all European countries. Demand continues to grow even outside of Europe. Our headquarters is in Degenhausen, by Lake Constance. Approximately 90% of the production is sold through organic and health food stores. Sonett currently has almost 40 employees and this number is constantly growing.



Sonett was created as a stimulus for care and responsibility for water - as the essence of life. As such, water washes and cleans... by using completely biodegradable raw materials, we increase the ability of water to clean and at the same time return it to nature. Although washing and cleaning are useful for humans, they pollute the water. Our task is to put these activities in harmony with nature and water.



Corporate philosophy and quality concept is based on anthroposophy.



Analysis of Johannes Schnorr's droplet observations from the late 1960s.

J. Schnorr researched the analysis of water flow at the Institute for Water Flow Research, which was the impetus for the development of Sonett laundry and cleaning products.

In order to determine the quality of water and drinking water, a method was developed that detects the presence of foreign substances such as: heavy metals, pesticides and organic chlorine compounds. This is done using the drip method.

The drip method can help us approach the quality of water as the essence of life and food. Thanks to this method, Johannes Schnorr was able to prove the existence of surfactants in drinking water. These surfactants were primarily found in residual laundry and cleaning products that could not be removed from groundwater as well as lakes and rivers, where they caused enormous foam accumulation in dams and waterways. It was only much later that the minimum required degradability was enacted.

The experience with the drip method was the impetus for Johannes Schnorr to come up with the concept of a new cleaning surfactant that would be compatible with the environment. The new idea for this new surfactant was: fast and complete degradability of all cleaning components of surfactants and the use of raw materials as economically as possible.

That was the moment when the Sonett modular system was born.

Spring water Drinking water of average quality Cleaning surfactants in water

Source: Water Understanding Study, ,……., Herrischried 1995



Due to the responsibility for the regeneration/revitalization of waste water, we add minerals and plant extracts to our products, which are rhythmized in oloid. The water in our products is swirled in 12 large glass egg-shaped containers.



All the ingredients we use are completely degradable and non-allergenic. We prefer to use raw herbal and mineral materials. This means that they do not contain enzymes, petrochemical components, artificial fragrances and dyes, preservatives and bleaches.



100% olive, rapeseed, sunflower and coconut oil and shea butter are organically grown. More than 95% of our essential oils are also from controlled organic cultivation.



We get half of our electricity from a small hydroelectric plant nearby. The rest is supplied by Greenpeace Energy. We use a wood waste burning system for heating.



The entire Sonett range is certified according to Eco garantie criteria – a premium brand for ecological washing and cleaning products. ECO Control is an independent control body that guarantees and monitors that we meet our own quality criteria. Sonett has also been certified with the Stop Climate Change symbol. This certificate guarantees an analysis of Sonett's company-wide activity in terms of CO2 emissions and complete transparency of CO2-generating processes. This analysis proves that Sonett produces almost no CO2 through its heating system and electricity use.



Since 2015, Sonett has been certified according to the CSE standard (Certified Sustainable Economics) of the Association of Applied Ethics biznis. Unlike the certification of specific products, this certification covers the entire company. In addition to the requirements for a specific product, this certification includes the social and ethical qualities of the company.



Entire range of detergents and soaps is produced at the Sonett plant in Deggenhausen.

Liquid soaps are made using a chemical process that transforms oils into soaps without the use of any energy, instead of using conventional cooking methods.

A significant part of our product labels are glued by people with physical disabilities from a nearby institution. This option allows Sonetta to be flexible in processing small batches; to take into account the large range of language mutations of our labels. This cooperation creates socio-therapeutic work for such disadvantaged people and helps to improve their quality of life.


Sonett won the German Sustainability Award 2022

Sonett, a manufacturer of ecological laundry and cleaning products, was awarded the German Sustainability Prize 2022. The company won in the "Transformationsfeld Gesellschaft" ("Field of Transformation of Society"). The jury recognized Sonett's multiple efforts in transforming society into a more sustainable one.

Ecological Quality

The jury argues as follows: "Sonnett washing and cleaning products are produced according to strict sustainable guidelines. This applies to products made from 100% biodegradable and purely vegetable and mineral raw materials, as well as packaging.

Establishment of a business

However, the company goes one step further and has built itself as a foundation enterprise. In addition to reinvestment, profits are used for employees, social institutions that the company itself founded, and as donations for research and social purposes, which include the support of initiatives for water research, biological development of seeds as well as medicinal and artistic and cultural projects.

Social quality

Sonett's cooperation with Camphill Workshops Lehenhof, for people who need special care, other treatment institutes as well as the Rehabilitation Clinic for Drug Dependents "Seven Dwarfs" influenced the decision: "Furthermore, the company supports social resp. social inclusion and support of people who have problems finding work on the labor market, thus offering them new perspectives. The activity of the Non-Profit Organization Sonett, which annually supports social and cultural initiatives with an amount of approximately 200,000 euros, was also appreciated.

New legal form of business

In addition, the panel explained that: “On a political level, Sonett calls for the creation of a new form of ownership, the 'limited property company', thereby promoting a shift away from a pure profit orientation towards a public good economy.

A modern understanding of one's role

The fact that "the top management of the company as well as the management of the departments are constantly occupied by two people in order to promote cooperation and a modern understanding of one's own role and, above all, cooperation from individually contrasting natural abilities" was also duly appreciated.

Responsibility for water

For more than 40 years, Sonett has been setting standards in the green industry as a pioneer in green washing and cleaning. Interest and responsibility for water as the essence of all life is the primary motivation of Sonett.
Sonett uses exclusively 100% degradable primary raw materials such as plant-based soaps and minerals, e.g. soda and silicates. The company completely abandons the use of petrochemical products, genetic engineering products, nanotechnology, microplastics and artificial fragrances. Sonett thus supports the water in its cleaning power and at the same time promotes its rapid return and reintegration into the natural cycle. Thanks to rhythmized detergents, nature is supposed to return its vitality. "It is our intention to give back to nature more than we take from it," emphasizes Sonett CEO Beate Oberdorfer.

As early as 1974, Sonett launched "Laundry in a modular system". In this system, it is possible to separately measure three components, namely active detergents, fabric softener and bleaching agent, taking into account the local water hardness and degree of pollution. In 2019, Sonett detergent in the modular system became the winner in the "Ökotest" compared to 23 common detergents sold in supermarkets and 3 brands in health food stores.

Sonett is also considered a pioneer in the social structure of society. The business is run in the spirit of partnership, and the share capital is owned by the foundation. Sonett's philosophy is that a company should exist for its tasks and not for profit. Sonett's profits stay with the company and are shared among employees, women and men, and go to the Sonett Non-Profit Foundation. The company cannot be sold and is not hereditary. Therefore, the company will always be managed by the best, independent of heritage and investors.

Sonett Clear Rinse 0,5 l

Avoid unnecessary toxic chemicals on your dishes and get this healthy polish! Purely vegetable, without petrochemicals Suitable for all dishwashers Concentrate, very economical No fragran..

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Sonett Dishwasher Salt 2 kg

For household dishwashers Free from anti-caking agents and synthetic dyestuffs For optimal dishwashing results Ingredients Product declaration Pure coarse-grained evaporated common ..

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Sonett Dishwashing Liquid Lemon 1l

Make friends with this great detergent that is safe for health, does not contain any toxic substances and does not pollute groundwater! Choose from three variants: Lemon, Calendula or Sensitive! ..

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Sonett Laundry Liquid Color Mint & Lemon 1.5 l

Get this nontoxic washing gel not only for colored clothes, but also for sports clothes and outdoor clothes! With organic vegetable oil soap, without enzymes, GMO-free Washes coloured textil..

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Sonett Laundry Liquid Lavender 2 l

Order this washing gel with organic lavender essential oil without petroleum, synthetic substances, fragrances and dyes! With organic vegetable oil soap, without enzymes, GMO-free Good washing..

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Sonett Laundry Rinse 1 l

Order this nontoxic fabric softener without perfume, which does not contain any irritants and is gentle on the skin! Extra care for delicate garments  Brightens up the colours, smoothes the f..

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Sonett Liquid Hand Soap 1l

​​​​​​Indulge in this nontoxic liquid soap that contains no synthetic fragrances, preservatives, dyes, enzymes, petroleum-based chemicals, or GMOs! Suitable for hands, face and body Made from ..

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Sonett Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool & Silk 1l

Order this laundry detergent with pure organic olive oil soap and a beautiful fragrance! 20–40 °C (up to 100 °F)   For all textiles made of natural fibres and blended fabrics Maintains..

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Sonett Scouring Fluid 0,5 l

Get this non-toxic "cif" and you will never go back to the usual product! Pure vegetable surfactants For gently cleaning stainless steel, enamel, plastic, glass ceramics, silver Fresh fragr..

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Sonett Surface Disinfectant 100 ml

100% vegetable, without petrochemicals For disinfecting work surfaces and equipment in kitchens, food processing, sanitary areas, surgeries etc. Tested efficacy against all enveloped viruses, ..

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Sonett Toilet Cleaner Mint - Myrtle, 0,75 l

Keep your toilet clean with this natural, petrochemical-free cleaner with organic essential oils! 100% vegetable, without petrochemicals Effectively removes dirt, urine and hard water deposits..

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Sonett Bathroom Cleaner with Citric Acid 0,5 l

Get to know this great descaler and get it today! pure vegetable surfactants To obtain clean and shining surfaces on shower stalls, tiles, bathtubs, fittings, stainless steel and ceramic, ..

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Sonett Dishwasher Tablets, 25 pcs

These dishwasher tablets must not be missing in any nontoxic household! Free from chlorine, phosphates, enzymes and aromas, completely biodegradable  For household dishwashers For dishwashe..

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Sonett Orange Power Cleaner 0,5 l

Get this degreaser that you will love and you will also have the pleasant feeling that you will not harm people or nature by using it! Highly concentrated, with organic orange oil Powerful cl..

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